I did not believe it until I had it! I always thought money would be the solution to many of my problems. How wrong I was…. Making a great deal of money presented me with a different set of problems. It affected my relationships with family members and friends, as I started to change. Having so much money doesn’t guarantee happiness. It is the work we did together and your seminars that helped me to cope with it all.


I came to you with what appeared to be a financial problem. I lost a lot of money and did not know what to do. You guided me through a process that brought about a change in my perception. You helped me to find the solution by learning how to work through money challenges. My level of fear and anxiety has diminished. I can also see that my relationships have improved. You are brilliant at what you do!


I had a problem with my family trust. I wanted to gain my independence. I believed taking legal actions was the only solution to the problem. But I was wrong. It has taken some time but I have managed to come to an agreement with my trustees. I believe much of it happened because of the work I did with you.


Very few people ever think through the reasons for how they relate to money, how it plays a part in their everyday decisions and how it plays a part throughout their lives. In the seminar I gained insights into the reasons behind my decision making about money. Now I have a better awareness as to why and how I do or do not spend money the way I do.


Spending the time to work with you is the most rewarding investment I have ever made. And I know about investments. I came to see you because of my fear that my fiancé is with me because of how much money I have. You helped me to see things the way they really are, beyond my fears, and gave me the confidence to marry her.

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” Bob Marley

Most of us think that money is our way to happiness, security, success and well-being. Of course, the desire for wealth is not unique to today's society. People have always wanted to have money for such reasons. However, research has shown that financial success often has unintended consequences. Having money, or pursuing it for its own sake, has many pitfalls. So, understanding the relationship that we have with money, success or wealth contributes to improving our overall state of mind and well being. We love to help you understand what does money, wealth or success mean to you. How it can negatively affect you, mostly at the subconscious level, and help you to bring balance and harmony, inner peace and happiness, which promotes well-being, healthy relationship and true satisfaction and fulfillment.

“Material possessions cannot replace our own inner desire for love, appreciation and acceptance”